RHD and Pregnancy

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Take Home Messages

  • Normal changes of pregnancy can have an adverse impact on women with RHD
  • Pre-conception counselling is vital for all women with RHD
  • Pregnancy poses a significant threat to women with severe RHD
  • Anticoagulation is difficult and risky in pregnancy
  • Management can be difficult and requires early referral
  • Discuss contraception before hospital discharge after delivery

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how RHD impacts on the health of pregnant women
  • Appreciate the significance of valve disease and especially mitral stenosis and aortic stenosis in pregnancy
  • Identify which pregnant women are most at risk
  • Know which medications are safe and which to avoid
  • Understand anticoagulation issues in pregnant women
  • Appreciate the overriding importance of pre-conception counselling

Module Overview

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